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Diversity Consulting and Training


Diversity Advice Consultants employs Organization Development (OD) as the theoretical framework for its Diversity initiatives.

OD is a process of implementing organizational change with the support of top management, the participation of subordinates, and the help of a change agent.

Below is a brief description of these services:

Diversity Audits

Diversity Advice Consultants conducts Diversity Audits that are customized to meet an organization's specific needs.  The purpose of an audit is to determine the status of an organization's diversity and inclusion initiatives and to recommend what steps need to be taken in order for an organization to meet its diversity and inclusion goals.

Diversity Strategic Planning
Before implementation can begin, organizations need to have undertaken a comprehensive diversity strategic planning process.  During that interactive process, what diversity and inclusion mean to that organization must be clearly defined.  The planning process also involves spelling out what the diversity goals are, the plan for accomplishing those goals, and the metrics that will be used to measure performance.  

Diversity Advice Consultants facilitates Diversity Strategic Planning by guiding organizations through the process, and by providing the tools and resources necessary to develop a comprehensive Diversity Strategic Plan.

Diversity Training
Diversity management training programs help reduce the risk of discrimination lawsuits by providing managers with the knowledge they need to manage a diverse workforce effectively. In addition, diversity marketing training helps companies develop effective diversity marketing strategies that result in increased profits and an expanded customer basis.

Below is the list of our current diversity workshops:

Understanding Cultural Differences
Managing a Diverse Workforce
Five Steps of Diversity Recruitment

Marketing To Diverse Consumers

Diversity Recruitment 

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training & Consulting


Diversity Advice Consultants helps organizations develop sexual harassment prevention policies. The policies contain a clear statement of your company's position on sexual harassment and anti-discrimination, the definitions of sexual harassment and discrimination, conditions under which conduct is considered harassing and/or discriminatory, steps employees should take if they experience or witness sexual harassment and/or discrimination and the consequences and penalties of this behavior. 

For organization's with existing sexual harassment prevention and anti-discrimination policies, Diversity Advice Consultants  will conduct a policy review to ensure that your existing policies are up-to-date and contain the necessary components to minimize future lawsuits.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

At Diversity Advice Consultants, our training programs are customized to meet your organization's needs. Available training formats are in-person, webinar, and computer-based training. Each training participant receives a completion certificate that can be included in each employee's personnel file. The training programs are customized to meet the needs of the organization. The training can be offered in 1-hour, 2-hour, half-day, and full-day sessions. The preferred maximum number of participants per session is 25.

 Below is the list of our current sexual harassment prevention workshops: 

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Anti-Discrimination Basics

Sexual Harassment Prevention Basics for Supervisors 

Diversity Advice Consultants also offers State-specific Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for New York and California.

In addition to our traditional Sexual Harassment Prevention Basics training, we also have developed customized training for the following industries:




Food Service

Health Care

Law Enforcement



Real Estate Rental

Religious Organizations




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Workplace Investigations Training & Consulting


Once an organization has become aware that a sexual harassment and/or discrimination claim has been made, an investigation must be conducted. 

Diversity Advice Consultants have extensive experience in conducting thorough and objective sexual harassment and discrimination investigations. Diversity Advice Consultants's process for conducting an investigation includes interviewing the relevant employees and managers, writing a findings and recommendations report, and conducting a meeting with managers to discuss the investigation.  We have conducted or managed thousands of employment and housing discrimination internal and external complaints

Whether your organization needs a workplace investigation conducted or a response to a sexual harassment or discrimination charge filed with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or a state Federal Employment Practice Agency (FEPA) drafted by an impartial, objective, and knowledgeable investigator, Diversity Advice Consultants can help.

Workplace Investigations Training 

Conducting workplace investigations is a specialized skill.  Diversity Advice Consultants has been conducting, providing training, and managing workplace investigations for over 20 years.  Our CEO and Founder, Michelle Goodwine has been involved with thousands of workplace and housing discrimination investigations in three states (New York, Texas, and Florida).  Not only is MIchelle an experienced investigator, she also has conciliated and settled hundreds of EEOC and HUD-filed complaints.  

Diversity Advice Consultants provides the following workplace investigations training:

Workplace Investigations Basics

Advanced Workplace Investigations

Responding to EEOC/FEPA Employment Discrimination Charges

Responding to HUD/FHIP Housing Discrimination Complaints

How to Set Up A Successful Workplace Investigation Department

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