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Full range of sexual harassment prevention, diversity, and workplace investigation services for your business.

Diversity Training & Consulting

Diversity Advice Consultants employs Organization Development (OD) as the theoretical framework for its Diversity initiatives. OD is a process of implementing organizational change with the support of top management, the participation of subordinates, and the help of a change agent.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training & Consulting

Diversity Advice Consultants helps organizations develop sexual harassment prevention policies. The policies contain a clear statement of your company's position on sexual harassment and anti-discrimination, the definitions of sexual harassment and discrimination, conditions under which conduct is considered harassing and/or discriminatory, steps employees should take if they experience or witness sexual harassment and/or discrimination and the consequences and penalties of this behavior.

Workplace Investigations & Training

Diversity Advice Consultants has Associates with extensive experience in conducting thorough and objective sexual harassment and discrimination investigations. Diversity Advice Consultants's process for conducting an investigation includes interviewing the relevant employees and managers, writing a findings and recommendations report, and conducting a meeting with managers to discuss the investigation.


Our Journey

  • 2018

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Diversity Advice Consultants was conceived in September 2018 and officially launched in November 2019. WE are headquartered in Austin, Texas.

  • October 2019

    Phases of Organizational Diversity Assessment Launched

    We believe that organizations need to develop and implement strategies that are appropriate for your current levels of diversity. In order to assist you, Diversity Advice Consultants have developed our Phases of Organizational Diversity Assessment tool.

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