Diversity, Sexual Harassment Prevention & Workplace Investigations

We help organizations develop workplace cultures that value diversity!

What We Do

Diversity Training & Consulting


Effective Diversity and Inclusion initiatives require strategic planning; organizational functional knowledge in more than just human resources, marketing, and legal; and grounding in a theoretical framework known to product positive organizational change.  Diversity Advice Consultants are well-versed in Organizational Development, and have a track record of developing effective diversity training and management initiatives. 

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training & Consulting


  Diversity Advice Consultants assist organizations by providing effective sexual harassment prevention policies and training based on our 20+ years experience in developing effective policies and creating research-based sexual harassment prevention training.  Throughout the course of our careers, we have trained thousands of employees and manager.

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Workplace Investigations Training & Consulting


Organizations must conduct thorough workplace investigations when employees allege workplace discrimination or sexual harassment.  Diversity Advice Consultants prefers working with organizations that lack trained workplace investigators or who need expert investigators to conduct investigations of top-level executives accused of discrimination or sexual harassment.

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